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Friday, June 1, 2012

The One Big Secret to Attracting Thousands of Visitors to Your Resort Website, Social Media site and Fan Pages 

Dear Friend: 

My name is Mark Smalley. I'm a successful entrepreneur (online and off), author and adviser to travel startups. I've written dozen books on business, travel and financial markets. 

You can Google my name, or my pen names (Marc Charles and James Tower), to receive a background of my work and reputation. 

No one is more skeptical of the Internet, social media and Facebook than I am! 

 In 1995 I helped developed a venture called Yahoo! Unplugged. We reviewed business and e-commerce websites. The venture became a bestselling book, interactive CD and popular Internet destination. 

 I also wrote a front page column for Yahoo! Unplugged. In my column I reviewed more than 9,000 websites over a six year period! You can read about me and research my background online. 

The reason for my letter today is to show you the secret to attracting thousands of visitors to your website, social media and Facebook Fan Page……for FREE. 

But free doesn’t mean there’s no work involved. But there are many things you can do in-house to “ramp up” traffic, reviews, referrals and ultimately reservations and sales! 

And don't worry......this is NOT a sales pitch or anything like it. I’ll give you the information you need and the secrets up front. 

But if you would prefer to outsource the work, and allow my staff to do it for you, that’s great. What’s more, if we handle and manage all of the work for you there will NEVER be charge unless you’re happy. I’ve worked by this principle for more than 25 years. 

Best Rated Travel 

In 1997 I launched a travel review website. It became the first travel “niche” engine online. We reviewed hotels, resorts, B&Bs and luxury vacation properties. It was called Best Rated Travel. It was sold to a private equity firm in 2009. The one thing I learned about the Internet while running Best Rated Travel was the power of relevant content. 

Google runs on relevant content. If you understand what Google likes along these lines you will never worry about traffic again. The most powerful relevant content will always be unbiased reviews, opinions, insight and recommendations. Relevant content is the essence of my service to hotels and resorts. 

 A friend of mine manages a resort in Orlando. He was complaining at lunch recently how the other resorts had more reviews, media coverage, recommendations, YouTube videos and testimonials. I showed him how to ramp up reviews for his resort, and everything else, in less than two weeks. He asked me to do it for him. I did and he went nuts for it (in a good way)! 

My service to hotels and resorts is unique. Believe me……NO ONE is doing what we do in this space. And here’s my promise to you….. You must see concrete results from my service in less than 30 days or there is no charge whatsoever. Here’s what we do….. We post positive reviews of your hotel and property online.

 We can also pay others to post reviews for you from other parts of the country or world! We also write articles, e-books, and media worthy stories about the area and your hotel, and post them to Google and Facebook, and dozens of other "key" websites. There is no charge, unless you're happy with results. 

My basic service is absolutely FREE for thirty days. Consider it a trial. If we work together for thirty-days you’ll know if there’s a fit or not. There’s nothing to sign, no contracts, no obligations, no secret charges, and no monthly anything!

 For thirty-days we’ll post “over the top” reviews of your property on the highest traffic travel sites. We’ll also post a couple of “paid” reviews from our network of freelancers. There’s no charge to you. 

At the end of thirty-days you can decide to continue, or tell me to hit the road! I’m confident you’ll keep my service as your little secret. If you’d like to continue working together, you can TELL ME, what would make it work for you. 

In other words, we’ve found out some resorts can only afford a couple of reviews a month, two or three articles (for Google), and periodic posts on Facebook and Twitter. Something like this would cost less than $50 a month. 

But other resorts, (which shall remain nameless) want a ton of reviews, testimonials, articles, Facebook posts, YouTube videos and more. The cost for this level of service is dependent upon several factors, but we still make it very reasonable…and you can always cancel without any risk or obligation. 

But please let me know if my service interests you. The thirty-day free trial can begin whenever you’re ready. I’ll send you some of the information we’ll need to get started. The one big secret to attracting thousands of visitors, reviews and guests to your hotel website, social media site and Fan Pages is relevant content, reviews and testimonials. 

We can easily “ramp up” the relevant content side of your business! 

I look forward to working with you. 

Please call, email or text me today! 


Mark Charles Smalley 
 imaxxman at 
(207) 594 5808